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    Dish is a disarmingly unpretentious kind of joint you immediately warm to as though it were your mama’s or grandma’s kitchen. The menu is one you can afford with food you grew up on. Best of all, if you are lucky enough to live in this neighborhood, Dish is a place you can walk to, and walk into knowing you will see people you know.

  • The Workman’s Friend

    The Workman’s Friend is a poem by the Irish writer Brian O’Nolan, under the pen name Flann O’Brien. It is an ode to Guinness Stout, and how a pint of “plain” will always be there to provide a welcome respite from life’s troubles. At the Workman’s Friend we not only take our name from this poem, but also our philosophy. We are an oasis from the grind of daily life, an authentic Irish pub where our guests can relax and feel at home. A place where you will only be a stranger once, where the service is genuine, the drinks are cold, and the food is hearty and delicious. Each of us on the staff strives to deliver on our promise to truly be the Read more [...]