Plaza Midwood Business District has long had a varied and abundant selection of adult beverages for neighbors and patrons to enjoy. However, our neighborhood was not a part of the recent explosion of Charlotte craft breweries. The absence of breweries in the district is now a thing of the past and our area has yet one more facet to support the basic premise that this is the best place in Charlotte to live, work and play.

legion-1Legion Brewing , is open for business. Located at 1906 Commonwealth Ave., in the longtime home of Brodt Music Company, the building has undergone significant changes while retaining the unique historic character. Owner, Phil Buchy, a longtime homebrewer has finally made his dream of opening a brewery  a reality. “We love being in Plaza Midwood,” Phil Buchy bellows to anyone who asks.  “Legion Brewing is blessed to be in a walkable area full of interesting people, and great restaurants and bars. No other place in Charlotte could have given us the same opportunity for long-term success.”

Area merchants may already recognize the owners of Legion Brewing. “We have been enjoying Plaza Midwood for the better part of a year to this point,” says Newton Craver, owner (no known relation to Penny).  “Our team performed much of the construction tasks ourselves, pretty much daily from May to December.  We ate countless meals, at the great places, practically within eyesight of our front door.”

Legion offers a wide variety of traditional styles and some not so common varieties as well.  As with all craft breweries the variety and availability will change rapidly as thirsty patrons drink their way through the supply.  When asked how they expect to fit into the neighborhood, Craver says, “We aren’t trying to rock the boat, we just want to serve the residents of the area and maybe entice a few new people to visit this awesome neighborhood.  It is our hope that we can contribute to the great scene created by all of the businesses that were here before us.”

Recent rumors of another craft brewer opening in the area have been confirmed. The new brewery (no name yet) is planned for 2101 Central Ave. pending a successful rezoning of the property. Finally a rezoning that is not connected to an apartment development. The brewery is still early in planning stage but the plans show the adaptive reuse of the existing warehouse and significant amount of outdoor space.  As more details become known, we will be the first to share them with you.